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Anton EEC

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    Children engaged during outdoor free choice 
    Year-Round Program

    Anton Early Education Center proudly serves families and students 246 days per year

    Welcome to Anton Early Education Center

    The faculty at William R. Anton Early Education Center are committed to providing preschool children with a developmentally appropriate and challenging educational program which focuses on the cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development of young children. All children have daily opportunities to engage in a high quality early childhood education program that is inclusive of a research-based curriculum and social-emotional curriculum. Program staff are educated and specialize in the field of early childhood education. Our ultimate goals at William R. Anton Early Education Center are to close the achievement gap for our students, achieve academic success, and to inspire them to become life-long learners.

    School Hours

    Monday  -  Friday
    7:00 am  -  5:30 pm

    Office Hours

    Monday  -  Friday
    7:00 am  -  5:30 pm